Central Heating Installation In Derbyshire

Here at Pegasus Plumbing we specialise in the installation of a variety of energy efficient central heating systems. Each installation has its own set of requirements and is unique, according to the type of system chosen by our client and the building it is to be installed into.

Because all of Pegasus Plumbing's central heating engineers and plumbers are Gas Safe registered, we can assure you of a professional and safe central heating installation whether you are having an entire new system , or just new, energy efficient radiators installed.

We provide a huge range of plumbing services from boiler installation, maintenance and repairs, to bathroom, wetroom and shower installations. So if you require the assistance of an expert and highly skilled plumber in the Derbyshire area, call us today at Pegasus Plumbing & Heating.

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Central Heating Systems

There are many different types of domestic central heating system available. Here at Pegasus Plumbing we can cater for all of your needs and specific requirements.

The most common modern day systems include the installation of a combi boiler which heats the water "On Demand" meaning there is always hot water when it is needed to warm your radiators. Combi boilers also supply the hot water to the Plumbing system installed in your home, whether you are doing the dishes or planning a soak in a hot bath, our systems will guarantee you have hot water when you need it most.

We offer a range of boiler services to our clients, to keep their central heating systems running smoothly.

Other systems include the installation of an Immersion Heater and Header Tank (usually placed in the loft), this type of system is called the "Gravity Fed" central heating system. These can still be found on older properties and our plumbers regularly repair and maintain these older central heating systems. 

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Central Heating Installation In Derbyshire