Central Heating Power Flushing

  • Have you noticed that your Central Heating doesn't appear to be as warm as it once was?
  • Have your radiators become noisy?
  • Are there cold spots on your radiators, usually at the bottom in the middle?
  • Does it take an age for your Central Heating to initially warm up?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, your Central Heating System may be becoming clogged up with rust and sludge.

This rust and sludge builds up slowly over time, due to oxidisation within your system.

Left to manifest itself, this sludge can and will eventually, over time clog up radiator valves, boiler internal parts and heating pumps and zone valves, requiring costly repairs.

Power Flushing  - Pegasus Plumbing

This rust and sludge can however, usually be removed through a process known as Power Flushing.

This process, takes on average around a day to carry out using a high pressure water system that isolates each radiator to 'flush' all rust and sludge from within, leaving you with a cleaner more efficient system.

Once the Power Flush is completed, your Central Heating System is treated to a rust inhibitor solution. This inhibitor does exactly what it says on the tin, it inhibits rust and corrosion.

This can be topped up every year on the on the annual boiler service, for a lot less than the cost of a new central heating system. At Pegasus Plumbing & Heating Solutions, we offer you the peace of mind of a Power flush from as little as £350.00.

Most big Gas providing companies will charge you double that price for exactly the same job. Give them a ring, get a free estimate, I guarantee to beat their price!

More information on Power flushing can be obtained by emailing admin@pegasusplumbing.co.uk or by ringing us on 01332 673 897.

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Central Heating Power Flushing
From As Little As £350.00